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Chat Codes Font Generator

This is the craziest text generator out there for Facebook. This generator makes it possible to send chat messages on Facebook with DIFFERENT fonts! Choose between 7 awesome fonts and make your friends wonder how you're able to do that!

Emoji Emoticons

We put together a list of ALL 209 emoji emoticons currently available on Facebook. Just copy/paste the icons from our website to Facebook chat or comments, and they will transform into an emoticon! Surprise your friends with emoticons they've never seen before!

Kaomoji Emoticons

These emoticons originated in Japan and there are literally thousands of differents Kaomoji emoticons in existence. We've collected a rather large sample of 400+ emoticons that consists of the most frequently used ones. If there is a feeling you want to share through emoticons, you will most likely find what you're looking for here!

Upside Down Text Generator

This simple text generator will turn any text you put into it upside down. This is the perfect tool to use if you feel like messing around with your friends on Facbeook.

Zalgo Text Generator

Zalgo is a scary legend about a ghost/demon like figure that is supposed to cause insanity, sickness and destruction. Zalgo is often associated with sketchy looking text looking like something taken straight out of a movie. This text generator will create scary text that most definitely will scare your friends!

Reverse Text Generator

This awesome text generator will reverse any text you put into it. Try it out and see if your friends are able to read your text backwards.

Crazy Text Generator

This awesome text generator offers 10(!) different text styles in one go! Type in some text and pick one of ten creative ways of passing your message to friends.